So today August 3rd, 2011 we’re trying a few things canning concord graped jelly, canning green beans in a pressure canner, freezing green beans, selecting more green beans and cukes through the garden.

So today August 3rd, 2011 we’re trying a few things canning concord graped jelly, canning green beans <a href=""><img decoding="async" src="" alt=""></a> in a pressure canner, freezing green beans, selecting more green beans and cukes through the garden.

Jump 4 Years Ahead

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We’re also trying quarts and quarts of pickles. We’ve never ever canned pickles or grape jelly from juice-which is very simple therefore I’m told!

Once again, being the town slicker that i’m, i have always liked to be able to drive two minutes to the grocery store and also have so many fruits and vegetables and meals offered to me personally. Trying to develop and process our personal meals happens to be a challenge that is extremely difficult me. But I do believe i am up for it

So now my three yr old, Caroline, is helping Jessica my 14 12 months old snap beans. Dillon, my 15 year old is taking care of the fence so we are able to go the goats to some other pasture. Which will be useful in keeping the pastures trimmed down and poison ivy and briar free; hopefully. The goats we are told will consume every briar known to man

We also have one goat that is female called Patty, who’s expecting and going to provide birth anyday. So we would try to milk her to make goat cheese Yummo But, city woman that I am, milking a goat will probably be very funny.

Another new thing, is hanging washing on our clothing line. Some of our buddies told us the laundry line is ugly, but I’m glad we kept it up now for 2 reasons 1) it is a very green thing to do, ideal for the surroundings, and 2) it is therefore peaceful being away in the breeze and sunlight. Plus, our dryer does not work properly now, so we are resorting to hanging. LOL

Well my loved ones and I had a time that is wonderful fall, 2007. We had been surviving in the GA mountains, and loved to be able to have the windows open and sit down in the porch that is front read and read and read. and eat. and read. We t k it certainly simple with your sch ling that year. There have been so changes that are many the move as well as the infant coming we made a decision to virtually, just l k over. and finish our math work b ks. In my opinion we also finished 3 associated with the Ralph M dy b ks that 12 months.

Certainly one of the most popular past times had been car that is taking. We got lost so times that are many driving through the mountains and exploring. We finished up at the top of this mountain when. We had been positive no one lived there, but there towards the top had been a gorgeous log cabin. I suppose these individuals don’t get company that is much. They invited us in right away and showed us around as well as let the children swing on their tree move. That you do not find friendliness that way in the big town that is without a doubt.

Another thing we decided to do with Dillon and Jessica would be to teach them how to prepare. They learned how to make oatmeal, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon (actually they knew making that currently), Roast chicken into the oven with carrots and potatoes, pasta, meat sauce; simply to name a few. It finished up being truly a help that is huge the baby came to be. They enjoyed getting the grown up responsibility. They adored knowing that they were needed seriously to keep us going. Especially I didn’t have the most energy to do all I needed to do with me being pregnant. Therefore fortunately they t k regarding the culinary part of much enthusiasm to our lives also it was a huge blessing to Mike and I

Back again to Our Story

So anyhow, there we were packing. We had like 2 hours become away from home and we had so junk that is much pack nevertheless. So many things did not “make the truck”. Thankfully Chris, Dan, and Jerry came by. They strapped all of this stuff to your trailer! We literally l ked like the Beverly Hillbillies It was hilarious. It was also g d to enjoy a humor that is little all the sadness I had been experiencing. so much for JOYFUL submission.

Anyhow, we stayed the night at the Abell’s home. They saw us off the next early morning for our 15 hour journey. We wound up stayin the night at Cliff and Janann’s house. That they had moved to that particular area that is same 2 years before us. Janann ended up being also pregnant during the time. My being pregnant caused stops that are frequent the way in which. I’m therefore thankful my children had been really patient they were thankful for my Dairy Queen cravings with me, although I’m sure.

We set up store in our brand new rental house! The youngsters (Dillon who was simply 11 during the right some time Jessica who was simply 10) were thrilled. Everything ended up being exciting for them the stillness and peaceful all over, seeing so many movie stars at night, hiking, four wheeling, the thrill of the upcoming Fall season. They loved town that is small right away.

Our very first Sunday, we tried attending a church perhaps not definately not us. In the real way we got stuck in “traffic”. They traffic turned into the neighbors’ cow who’d escaped from the pasture and will never budge from the center regarding the road. The traffic additionally contains two cars that are whole front side of us LOL The kids and Mike liked it! Now that’s what I call little town living

Just What Exactly Occurred Upcoming.

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Therefore exactly what occurred next? I’ll let you know exactly what occurred next. I cried. I cried like a infant wanting my momma! I was just learning real joyful distribution, mind you, I’d not appeared and still have a long way to get.

I was raised in Florida. 35 several years of every thing I knew ended up being there family, church, routine, friends, convenience, family, love, laughter, the coastline. did I mention household? Anyh . back in to the crying. I cried, and told my adventerous husband I would rather stay there that I would love to stay in Florida, and. He kindly told me that it’s his hearts aspire to go. How could I say “NO” whenever I had been given by him my heart’s desire just a couple of years before that. But that is tale for the next post.